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How it all started…..

The Club was established prior to 1970 and originated from the Old Darwinians Association (ODA) and Cooee Clubs. ODA commenced as a competing Club within the NWHA in 1949, Cooee in 1952.


When the NWHA and Devon Hockey Association committed themselves to an A Grade Coastal Roster in 1964 and the teams were asked to consider a name change to give a more "coastal flavour".

In 1963 the NWHA consisted of a two grade competition.

  • A Division: CDA, Cooee, Baptist, City

  • B Division: Cooee, Baptist, City, BHS


In the Burnie area, the three teams to compete in the new coastal roster were Burnie Baptist, City and South Burnie (a mixture of ODA and Cooee players) as most of the lads (D. Reeve, Murray Reeve, David Stone, Wilbur Smith, Rod Addison, Bryan Lucas and Robert Kidd were South Burnie born, so this name seemed appropriate. (The above was research by Robert Kidd in Feb '96).


In 1982 the club amalgamated with POS (Parklands Old Scholars) a ladies club made up of ex Parkland High School students, therefore, creating a combined ladies and men's club named "The South Burnie Hockey Club" which have been running quite successfully for the past 26 years, and to this day are made up of a total of ten teams - two sides in Under 13's, an U16's side, U18's side, Division 3, Division 2 and a Greater Northern League (Division 1) side.  The ladies have a Coastal, A Grade and A Reserve teams respectively.