Umpire schedule

Directions to umpire 2016: TBA


If there are any problems the individual is to make their own arrangements to cover not post their unavailability on FB. Failure to turn up will incur a 1 week suspension


The club's yearly umpire schedule of 2016: 

- 14 & 28 May: SBHC Women (GNL, Div 2, 3) + under 13's Contact: MelMelissa Scolyer 
- 25 June & 6 Aug: SBHC Men (Div 1, Div 2, 3) + under 16's Contact:Jeremy Cornwall & Brent Jago
--> Need 4 adults per morning from +/- 9am-12pm. You can split it coming with 8 adults half a morning. Juniors: as many of want to come are welcome but min. 2 each day.

Umpire Rules